Bishop the Office Curate goes to Barktoberfest!

I know it’s been awhile since you’ve heard from the Office Curate, so I thought I would blog all about our recent trip to a local, fun and animal benefiting festival!

POSTER-webOn Sunday, October 5, 2014, my sister Ziva and I took mom to the Placer County SPCA’s annual Barktoberfest at Maidu Park in Roseville.  This local festival helped to raise funds for all of the wonderful programs the Placer County SPCA offers to animals and humans in the local community.

The event kicked off with a run and walk for dogs and their humans.  Mom decided we couldn’t do the run/walk because both Ziva and I along for a run might be dangerous.  She seems to have caught on that sometimes we like to play tricks on her and run in front of her while she’s jogging, so we didn’t go!

We got to Barktoberfest just in time to see all the doggie runners and walkers finishing.  A lot of them were in brightly colored costumes.  I’ve got to hand it to those small dogs, some

Dog Shark!

Dog Shark!

of the funniest costumes were the ones with the fake human jockeys on their back.  I laughed at each and every one –never gets old!

After catching the end of the run and walk, we toured mom around the festival near all the vendor booths and got to meet a lot of different kind of pooches.  There were all different kinds of dogs around, from German Shepherds, pugs, labs, Pomeranians.  Bark Stability  It was very exciting to see so many types of dogs with their humans –mom let us stop and smell most of them!  There were many vendors, and many cool things for dogs to do!

Bark IQ testWe tried to take a doggie IQ test, whatever that means.  All I know is they kept giving us hot dogs….we love hot dogs!  Also, some cool dog demonstrations by German Shepherds attacking humans on command, kinda scary, but those Shepherds really seemed to know what they were doing.Bark GS Show

The end of our journey landed Ziva a beautiful new bandanna.

Ziva's Pink Bandanna!

Ziva’s Pink Bandanna!

Overall, it was a really fun adventure and a great cause to lend support!

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Spotlight on Local Businesses: NuYo Frozen Yogurt

Mackenzie Harder, the progressive President of NuYo Frozen Yogurt leads with his vision of solid customer-oriented businesses.

Mackenzie Harder in front of the fabulous yogurt dispensers!

Mackenzie Harder in front of the fabulous yogurt dispensers!

The mission of NuYo is not just to provide top-notch delicious premium yogurt with fresh toppings, but the best experience and environment for its customers.  The simple philosophy behind this involves empowering NuYo’s employees to offer outstanding customer service, cleanliness and friendliness with each delicious bite.

NuYo Yogurt’s Approach:  Using a straightforward business approach, Mackenzie established and fine-tuned (with the assistance of a knowledgeable staff and consultants) systems and procedures from the business design, human resources, employee training, from every step down to the delivery of its fresh fruit and freshly topped yogurt.

Always fresh toppings!

Always fresh toppings!

Not Your Everyday Yogurt: NuYo’s dedication to freshness and cleanliness sets it apart from any other yogurt.  The top quality yogurt flavors run from the standard flavors like vanilla and chocolate to the fun and exotic like spicy sriracha mango and pink guava.  Add to these delicious flavors fresh fruits, nuts, gels and many, many other toppings, and you can’t go wrong!

Straight from Mackenzie: NuYo’s President offered his own reflection about what has been his most rewarding part of his participation in NuYo; offering that it’s a time when persons of all ages can come in and truly have an experience enjoying nutritious and delicious treats in a warm, friendly, clean environment.

Cashing Out

You can visit NuYo Yogurt on the web at and in person at the following nearby locations:

Broadstone Marketplace2750 East Bidwell #300

Folsom, CA 95630

NuYo Frozen Yogurt is located in Broadstone Marketplace next to Blockbuster.

Granite Bay Pavilions9213 Sierra College Blvd. #100

Roseville, CA 95661

NuYo Frozen Yogurt is located on the corner of Sierra College and Eureka.

Fun Atmosphere

Fun Atmosphere

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Bishop the Office Curate visits Woofstock 2014

For the past seven years, Rocklin has hosted the premier canine festival in Northern California, known as Woofstock.  Woofstock isn’t just a happening place for canines, its human fundraising helps support over 20 local dog rescue organizations.  Since it’s in our local community, I decided to take mom this year so she could see some new doggie faces, and hopefully I could get tons of treats!


When we arrived, we caught some pretty cool action with the wiener dog races.  Those dogs moved pretty quick for being so close to the ground.  We didn’t find any treats here, but mom seemed to have a good time.

Then we hit the motherload of treats by cruising through the vendor and sponsor booths.  There were over a 100 booths, and treats EVERYWHERE, not to mention tons of other friendly dogs of all shapes and sizes!

shapes & sizes

So many dogs!

Sheltie Cousins!

Sheltie Cousins!

I met some of my friendly cousins at the Sheltie Rescue booth.

Sheltie Rescue Booth

Sheltie Rescue Booth

After cruising the vendor booths and gathering up as many treats as we could find, mom decided to stop for a human bite to eat.  Mom had a smoothie, which wasn’t very tasty, but I found TONS of food that humans had dropped under the picnic tables.  Humans seem to have trouble keeping foods off the ground!  There were so many humans sitting and eating, it was a smorgasbord of deliciousness!  Mom even said I was being so good that she had to share her dessert with me.  I didn’t care for the brown stuff, but that white stuff was so cold and delicious!

Delicious. yummy, yum!

Delicious. yummy, yum!


Once we finished our foods, we went and hung out by the Woofstock band.  They played some pretty cool tunes, and some humans even tried to dance with their canine friends !  Thankfully, mom didn’t try that with me –I’m just a puppy, I don’ t know how to dance!

Woofstock Band

Woofstock Band

Finally, our last stop landed us with my new accessory –a blue bandanna!  I love it almost as much as the treats!!!




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Guest Curate Breyer Visits Downtown Roseville Food Truck Mania!

Hi, I’m Breyer, filling in for my nephew Bishop, who has the week off from his tremendous responsibilities of curating Cook CPA.  Since I’m guest blogging, I thought we would visit a local Roseville event and check out the scenery.



Each month Roseville hosts a Food Truck Mania at the intersection of Lincoln & Vernon Streets in downtown Roseville.  Yesterday evening, August 14, I took my mom Evelyn out on the town for some tasty food truck streets.


Krush Burger Truck home of the delicious smells!

Krush Burger Truck home of the delicious smells!


First we stopped by one of Cook CPA’s favorite clients, Roseville Cyclery, located on Vernon Street, just down from the tasty treat trucks.  They have an amazing selection of two-wheeled transportation in all shapes and sizes.  We talked with one of the human owners, Oliver, who we were very excited to meet and chat with because he smelled a lot like his Doberman Kaizer!

Roseville Cyclery

Then, we proceeded down to the food truck event.  There were a few fellow friendly dogs around, but overall, it was mostly humans eating tons of delicious smelling food!  Mom bought this delicious plate of food from Krush Burger.  We sat and ate at one of the fancy stand up tables, which was perfect height for my food delivery via sloppy humans!!  I had the most delicious bite of lobster roll…mmmmmmm!!

Mom's Delicious Dinner

Mom’s Delicious Dinner

After we finished eating dinner, mom ate this huge snowcone.  It smelled like something no smart dog would want part of,  but I waited patiently while she finished gazing over at the civic center water fountains which were off by the time we got there.

 Downtown Roseville Fountain

Downtown Roseville Fountain

Overall, it was a great time and good idea to get mom out of the house.  I would highly recommend this to any other doggie adventurer!

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Curate Bishop – Weekend Adventures!

Office curating can have its stressful moments, that’s why it’s important to take breaks during the weekends to reset and enjoy nature.  Even though it’s extremely warm outside, I let mom take me on adventures around California to seek out nature.  Our most recent trip was to Pt. Reyes, California.  On this trip, we brought along my best friend, Caspar, for some hiking and beach running.  Caspar is a lab, and he seems to really like that scary, noisy, wet stuff mom called the “ocean.”

Beach Buddies

Beach Buddies

After running and walking for a few hours, we finally made it to sand next to the ocean.  Mom let Caspar and me off our leashes and we ran like the wind in circles around and around and around.  It was so much fun and made Mom laugh REALLY hard!  Caspar ran straight to the ocean and tried to get in until that huge ocean tried to attack him –then he just lay down for a bit.  I tried to follow him, but it was too scary!!

Caspar's Break

Caspar’s Break


We ate some of Mom’s lunch, and then took a quick nap before our trip back.

I had so much fun, I slept the whole way home!

Riding Home

Riding Home

Stay tuned for our next adventure!!

Bishop, Curate at Cook CPA Group

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Bishop the Cook CPA Curate

Hi, I’m BisBishophop the Cook CPA Curate.

Before I begin blogging about our activities, achievements and Cook CPA news, I thought I would introduce myself and why I curate the Cook CPA office.

I was born in September 2013, along with six other brothers and sisters.  We come from a very respectable line of performance and show shelties.firstbord

This was me at one month, back then I was known simply as “Firstborn.”

I am a Shetland Sheepdog, often referred to as a “Sheltie” which are known for being a herding dog breed.   Shelties are also known for being energetic, fiercely loyal, and hard-working.  Often I am shy and reserved with strangers, but once I get to know someone, I offer as much love and curating as I can!


This brings us to why I’m charged with curating at the Cook CPA office.  A Curator in biblical terms refers to someone (or some dog) who is vested with caring for the souls of a parish.  In broader terms, a curator oversees and manages collectibles, artwork or historic items. desking it So, in essence, my job is to watch over and guard the souls of those at Cook CPA, and anyone who is affiliated with our firm, clients, vendors, neighbors.

In my research of the curation of souls, I notice that souls require much nurturing.  I’m just the dog to do it!  Often, when my hard-working Cook CPA souls are in need of a break, I will let them take me for walks, or simply roll around on the floor to give them a well-deserved smile.  Nurturing can simply be a nudge with a sturdy nose or throwing myself in a deep Curate trance on the floor for hours at a time.  It is difficult work some days, but it’s manageable.

trancethrow rugDo not try these maneuvers at home! 

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Fiscal Cliff Looms: Take Action Now

small_5995105398Deal or no deal on the Fiscal Cliff, there is still a lot you can do to reduce taxes and fund your retirement dreams. Here are the best moves to reduce estate taxes, fund retirement and create a health savings account before the year ends.

Year-End Giving To Reduce Your Potential Estate Tax

It may be time to reevaluate your estate plan. Unless Congress takes action before the end of the year, the federal gift and estate tax exemption, which is currently set at $5.12 million, drops to its pre-2010 level of $1 million ($2 million per couple) in 2013. In addition, the maximum estate tax rate is set to increase in 2013 from 35 percent to 55 percent.

Gift Tax. For many, sound estate planning begins with lifetime gifts to family members. In other words, gifts that reduce the donor’s assets subject to future estate tax. Such gifts are often made at year-end, during the holiday season, in ways that qualify for exemption from federal gift tax.

Gifts to a donee are exempt from the gift tax for amounts up to $13,000 a year per donee.

Caution: An unused annual exemption doesn’t carry over to later years. To make use of the exemption for 2012, you must make your gift by December 31.

Husband-wife joint gifts to any third person are exempt from gift tax for amounts up to $26,000 ($13,000 each). Though what’s given may come from either you or your spouse or from both of you, both of you must consent to such “split gifts.”

Gifts of “future interests,” assets that can only enjoy at some future time such as certain gifts in trust, generally don’t qualify for exemption; however, gifts for the benefit of a minor child can be made to qualify.

Tip: If you’re considering adopting a plan of lifetime giving to reduce future estate tax, then don’t hesitate to call us. We can help you set it up.

Cash or publicly traded securities raise the fewest problems. You may choose to give property you expect to increase substantially in value later. Shifting future appreciation to your heirs keeps that value out of your estate. But this can trigger IRS questions about the gift’s true value when given.

You may choose to give property that has already appreciated. The idea here is that the donee, not you, will realize and pay income tax on future earnings.

Gift tax returns for 2012 are due the same date as your income tax return. Returns are required for gifts over $13,000 (including husband-wife split gifts totaling more than $13,000) and gifts of future interests. Though you are not required to file if your gifts do not exceed $13,000, you might consider filing anyway as a tactical move to block a future IRS challenge about gifts not “adequately disclosed.”

Tip: Call us if you’re considering making a gift of property whose value isn’t unquestionably less than $13,000.

Income earned on investments you give to children or other family members is generally taxed to them, not to you. In the case of dividends paid on stock given to your children, they may qualify for the reduced 5% dividend rate.

Caution: In 2012, investment income for a child (under age 18 at the end of the tax year or a full-time student under age 24) that is in excess of $1,900 is taxed at the parent’s tax rate.

Fund Your Retirement Account

Retirement Plan Contributions. Maximize your retirement plan contributions. If you own an incorporated or unincorporated business, consider setting up a retirement plan if you don’t already have one. (It doesn’t need to actually be funded until you pay your taxes, but allowable contributions will be deductible on this year’s return.)

If you are an employee and your employer has a 401(k), contribute the maximum amount ($17,000 for 2012), plus an additional catch up contribution of $5,500 if age 50 or over, assuming the plan allows this much and income restrictions don’t apply).

If you are employed or self-employed with no retirement plan, you can make a deductible contribution of up to $5,000 a year to a traditional IRA (deduction is sometimes allowed even if you have a plan). Further, there is also an additional catch up contribution of $1,000 if age 50 or over.

Create a Health Savings Account

Health Savings Accounts. Consider setting up a health savings account (HSA). You can deduct contributions to the account, investment earnings are tax-deferred until withdrawn, and amounts you withdraw are tax-free when used to pay medical bills.

In effect, medical expenses paid from the account are deductible from the first dollar (unlike the usual rule limiting such deductions to the excess over 7.5% of AGI). For amounts withdrawn at age 65 or later, and not used for medical bills, the HSA functions much like an IRA.

To be eligible, you must have a high-deductible health plan (HDHP), and only such insurance, subject to numerous exceptions, and must not be enrolled in Medicare. For 2012, to qualify for the HSA, your minimum deductible in your HDHP must be at least $1,200 ($1,250 in 2013) for single coverage or $2,400 ($2,500 in 2013) for a family.


photo credit: Rob Lantz via photopin cc

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