What’s a tweetup? A gathering where virtual “friends” “followers” meet in person.

At the the last Equine Forum, marketing your horse business using social media marketing was one of the topics discussed. I think this approach is new for many of us and some, me for example, may be over-thinking it. I occasionally fret over what to tweet or say in my facebook status. So meeting with others actually using twitter, facebook, etc. has been quite helpful. People are friendly and honest about their experience with social media marketing. So I’ve picked up a few good tips.

I’m seeing in my clients that marketing is critical to increasing cash flows and the traditional marketing ways aren’t working anymore. So if you are thinking of starting or not sure what to do next with social media marketing, this is a fun group to mingle with. Plus free food!

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1 Response to TweetUp?

  1. Josh Unfried says:

    Thanks for sharing about the Tweetup! It has become one of the highlights of each month.

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