Details of Pending Horse Law in Oregon

Great blog post defining how the law could impact your business.  Here are a few parts of the pending law that impact breeders, owners and even rescue organizations.

  • Oregon horse owners would be required to apply to the state ag department for an “ownership certificate” for each of their horses.
  • Anyone trailering a horse within Oregon must stop at least every eight hours for a “rest break.”
  • The “rest break” would require that the horse be unloaded for at least six hours and fed and watered.
  • Oregon horse sellers must provide buyers with a signed and dated state ag department transfer form.
  • When an equine trader buys a horse, they have to get a notarized bill of sale, a state ownership certificate and a completed transfer form.  They must also provide the seller with a receipt.
  • The state ag department has to keep a registry and a public list of all Oregon horse rescues.
  • The state ag department can regulate the adoption and sale of wild horses and horses sold or adopted by rescues.
  • The blog links also has contact numbers to shares your thoughts to law makers about this proposed law and a little bit of how this law started.

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