Bishop the Cook CPA Curate

Hi, I’m BisBishophop the Cook CPA Curate.

Before I begin blogging about our activities, achievements and Cook CPA news, I thought I would introduce myself and why I curate the Cook CPA office.

I was born in September 2013, along with six other brothers and sisters.  We come from a very respectable line of performance and show shelties.firstbord

This was me at one month, back then I was known simply as “Firstborn.”

I am a Shetland Sheepdog, often referred to as a “Sheltie” which are known for being a herding dog breed.   Shelties are also known for being energetic, fiercely loyal, and hard-working.  Often I am shy and reserved with strangers, but once I get to know someone, I offer as much love and curating as I can!


This brings us to why I’m charged with curating at the Cook CPA office.  A Curator in biblical terms refers to someone (or some dog) who is vested with caring for the souls of a parish.  In broader terms, a curator oversees and manages collectibles, artwork or historic items. desking it So, in essence, my job is to watch over and guard the souls of those at Cook CPA, and anyone who is affiliated with our firm, clients, vendors, neighbors.

In my research of the curation of souls, I notice that souls require much nurturing.  I’m just the dog to do it!  Often, when my hard-working Cook CPA souls are in need of a break, I will let them take me for walks, or simply roll around on the floor to give them a well-deserved smile.  Nurturing can simply be a nudge with a sturdy nose or throwing myself in a deep Curate trance on the floor for hours at a time.  It is difficult work some days, but it’s manageable.

trancethrow rugDo not try these maneuvers at home! 

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