Curate Bishop – Weekend Adventures!

Office curating can have its stressful moments, that’s why it’s important to take breaks during the weekends to reset and enjoy nature.  Even though it’s extremely warm outside, I let mom take me on adventures around California to seek out nature.  Our most recent trip was to Pt. Reyes, California.  On this trip, we brought along my best friend, Caspar, for some hiking and beach running.  Caspar is a lab, and he seems to really like that scary, noisy, wet stuff mom called the “ocean.”

Beach Buddies

Beach Buddies

After running and walking for a few hours, we finally made it to sand next to the ocean.  Mom let Caspar and me off our leashes and we ran like the wind in circles around and around and around.  It was so much fun and made Mom laugh REALLY hard!  Caspar ran straight to the ocean and tried to get in until that huge ocean tried to attack him –then he just lay down for a bit.  I tried to follow him, but it was too scary!!

Caspar's Break

Caspar’s Break


We ate some of Mom’s lunch, and then took a quick nap before our trip back.

I had so much fun, I slept the whole way home!

Riding Home

Riding Home

Stay tuned for our next adventure!!

Bishop, Curate at Cook CPA Group

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