Guest Curate Breyer Visits Downtown Roseville Food Truck Mania!

Hi, I’m Breyer, filling in for my nephew Bishop, who has the week off from his tremendous responsibilities of curating Cook CPA.  Since I’m guest blogging, I thought we would visit a local Roseville event and check out the scenery.



Each month Roseville hosts a Food Truck Mania at the intersection of Lincoln & Vernon Streets in downtown Roseville.  Yesterday evening, August 14, I took my mom Evelyn out on the town for some tasty food truck streets.


Krush Burger Truck home of the delicious smells!

Krush Burger Truck home of the delicious smells!


First we stopped by one of Cook CPA’s favorite clients, Roseville Cyclery, located on Vernon Street, just down from the tasty treat trucks.  They have an amazing selection of two-wheeled transportation in all shapes and sizes.  We talked with one of the human owners, Oliver, who we were very excited to meet and chat with because he smelled a lot like his Doberman Kaizer!

Roseville Cyclery

Then, we proceeded down to the food truck event.  There were a few fellow friendly dogs around, but overall, it was mostly humans eating tons of delicious smelling food!  Mom bought this delicious plate of food from Krush Burger.  We sat and ate at one of the fancy stand up tables, which was perfect height for my food delivery via sloppy humans!!  I had the most delicious bite of lobster roll…mmmmmmm!!

Mom's Delicious Dinner

Mom’s Delicious Dinner

After we finished eating dinner, mom ate this huge snowcone.  It smelled like something no smart dog would want part of,  but I waited patiently while she finished gazing over at the civic center water fountains which were off by the time we got there.

 Downtown Roseville Fountain

Downtown Roseville Fountain

Overall, it was a great time and good idea to get mom out of the house.  I would highly recommend this to any other doggie adventurer!

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