Spotlight on Local Businesses: NuYo Frozen Yogurt

Mackenzie Harder, the progressive President of NuYo Frozen Yogurt leads with his vision of solid customer-oriented businesses.

Mackenzie Harder in front of the fabulous yogurt dispensers!

Mackenzie Harder in front of the fabulous yogurt dispensers!

The mission of NuYo is not just to provide top-notch delicious premium yogurt with fresh toppings, but the best experience and environment for its customers.  The simple philosophy behind this involves empowering NuYo’s employees to offer outstanding customer service, cleanliness and friendliness with each delicious bite.

NuYo Yogurt’s Approach:  Using a straightforward business approach, Mackenzie established and fine-tuned (with the assistance of a knowledgeable staff and consultants) systems and procedures from the business design, human resources, employee training, from every step down to the delivery of its fresh fruit and freshly topped yogurt.

Always fresh toppings!

Always fresh toppings!

Not Your Everyday Yogurt: NuYo’s dedication to freshness and cleanliness sets it apart from any other yogurt.  The top quality yogurt flavors run from the standard flavors like vanilla and chocolate to the fun and exotic like spicy sriracha mango and pink guava.  Add to these delicious flavors fresh fruits, nuts, gels and many, many other toppings, and you can’t go wrong!

Straight from Mackenzie: NuYo’s President offered his own reflection about what has been his most rewarding part of his participation in NuYo; offering that it’s a time when persons of all ages can come in and truly have an experience enjoying nutritious and delicious treats in a warm, friendly, clean environment.

Cashing Out

You can visit NuYo Yogurt on the web at and in person at the following nearby locations:

Broadstone Marketplace2750 East Bidwell #300

Folsom, CA 95630

NuYo Frozen Yogurt is located in Broadstone Marketplace next to Blockbuster.

Granite Bay Pavilions9213 Sierra College Blvd. #100

Roseville, CA 95661

NuYo Frozen Yogurt is located on the corner of Sierra College and Eureka.

Fun Atmosphere

Fun Atmosphere

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