Bishop the Office Curate goes to Barktoberfest!

I know it’s been awhile since you’ve heard from the Office Curate, so I thought I would blog all about our recent trip to a local, fun and animal benefiting festival!

POSTER-webOn Sunday, October 5, 2014, my sister Ziva and I took mom to the Placer County SPCA’s annual Barktoberfest at Maidu Park in Roseville.  This local festival helped to raise funds for all of the wonderful programs the Placer County SPCA offers to animals and humans in the local community.

The event kicked off with a run and walk for dogs and their humans.  Mom decided we couldn’t do the run/walk because both Ziva and I along for a run might be dangerous.  She seems to have caught on that sometimes we like to play tricks on her and run in front of her while she’s jogging, so we didn’t go!

We got to Barktoberfest just in time to see all the doggie runners and walkers finishing.  A lot of them were in brightly colored costumes.  I’ve got to hand it to those small dogs, some

Dog Shark!

Dog Shark!

of the funniest costumes were the ones with the fake human jockeys on their back.  I laughed at each and every one –never gets old!

After catching the end of the run and walk, we toured mom around the festival near all the vendor booths and got to meet a lot of different kind of pooches.  There were all different kinds of dogs around, from German Shepherds, pugs, labs, Pomeranians.  Bark Stability  It was very exciting to see so many types of dogs with their humans –mom let us stop and smell most of them!  There were many vendors, and many cool things for dogs to do!

Bark IQ testWe tried to take a doggie IQ test, whatever that means.  All I know is they kept giving us hot dogs….we love hot dogs!  Also, some cool dog demonstrations by German Shepherds attacking humans on command, kinda scary, but those Shepherds really seemed to know what they were doing.Bark GS Show

The end of our journey landed Ziva a beautiful new bandanna.

Ziva's Pink Bandanna!

Ziva’s Pink Bandanna!

Overall, it was a really fun adventure and a great cause to lend support!

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