Welcome to Equine Business News.com!

We have created this blog for equine business owners looking for tips on how to manage their business and increase their financial return.  Whether you breed, show or train horses, we work hard on your behalf to uncover and share helpful bits of information about equine business management and income tax specifically.  So always feel free to comment or ask questions!

About Romeo:

Hi, I’m Romeo. My owner, Evelyn, is a CPA and provides for me by helping horse people with income tax prep and tax planning for individual and businesses.  I am Evelyn’s first horse so I’ve been teaching her quite a lot about riding and caring for me.  She’s beginning to figure out this riding thing so our outings are a little more work for me now.  In turn, I’ve learned a bit about taxes and stuff so occasionally I neigh up some tidbits.

About Cook CPA Group:

Evelyn Cook, CPA, is the president of Cook CPA Group located in Roseville, California.  Evelyn has twenty years of experience in accounting, tax planning, auditing and consulting.  Through her consultations, business owners were able to develop common sense approaches to their business challenges.  By unlocking the tax mysteries, she offers the clarity necessary to meet her clients’ needs.  She is committed to providing timely, proficient and cost effective services to all her clients.  Evelyn’s wide-ranging and diverse background provides a wealth of “best practices,” making her clients the true beneficiary of her experience.

Since 2006, she has been a guest speaker on equine taxes and business management in the Equine Enterprise Management course at UC Davis. As a horse owner herself, she understands the uniqueness of horse businesses and related tax issues.

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  2. Alice E Smith says:


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