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Bishop the Office Curate goes to Barktoberfest!

I know it’s been awhile since you’ve heard from the Office Curate, so I thought I would blog all about our recent trip to a local, fun and animal benefiting festival! On Sunday, October 5, 2014, my sister Ziva and I … Continue reading

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Spotlight on Local Businesses: NuYo Frozen Yogurt

Mackenzie Harder, the progressive President of NuYo Frozen Yogurt leads with his vision of solid customer-oriented businesses. The mission of NuYo is not just to provide top-notch delicious premium yogurt with fresh toppings, but the best experience and environment for its … Continue reading

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  Fiscal cliff?  What does that mean to you?  No matter what happens taxes will be going up.  So more of your net income will go to taxes.  What can you do?  Analyze your expenses.  I suspect there is not … Continue reading

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Disability insurance: When are benefits taxable?

Have you wondered what would happen if you were unable to work for an extended period of time?  Could disability insurance as part of your financial plan? If so, the next decision is how to pay the premiums. Here’s why: … Continue reading

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Big Tax Changes Coming. Plan now.

October is the perfect month for tax planning. Enough of the year has passed for you have a good handle on sales, revenue and profits and there is still time to make adjustments to your business to protect your assets … Continue reading

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Changes to consider for 2012

As the 2011 tax season winds down and we look to prepare for 2012 taxes, I noted a couple of things for you to consider changing in your business. First, switch to paper bank statements.  On-line is great put no … Continue reading

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Is your business operating at breakeven point?

The figures on an income statement report the sales, expenses, and net profit or loss of a business. But these figures can be helpful in another way. They can be used to compute the breakeven point for the business. Knowing … Continue reading

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Horse Business and Hobby Loss Issues – An Overview

With tax season in full gear, a worry heard this time of year, especially with the poor economy, is am I at risk for an audit? While the best defense is to be profitable, factors beyond your control may have … Continue reading

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A dream realized?

Follow along as I share my experience of pursuing a lifelong dream. I will be posting a series of posts about my experience of breeding my first litter of shelties. The reality was quite different than expected, and combined with … Continue reading

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